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CmapTools for iPad is the perfect tool to rapidly construct concept maps and knowledge models on your iPad and share them on the Cmap Cloud. Following the same simple user interface for concept construction as CmapTools, CmapTools for iPad enables the full construction of Knowledge Models, with drag-and-drop capabilities of resource and Cmaps, full style palette, combined with the direct manipulation of the iPad.

Through the synchronization feature, Cmaps on your iPad are automatically synchronized with your account on the Cmap Cloud, which can be accessed easily from CmapTools. Automatically move Cmaps between your iPad and CmapTools. Expand your use of the CmapTools suite and take advantage of the integration of the programs to graphically express your understanding and ideas on all domains of knowledge.

CmapTools for iPad is ideal for students and teachers, for Cmapping while traveling, for brainstorming during meetings and notetaking.

CmapTools for iPad can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store, and requires an iPad with iOS 7 or above.

The synchronization with the Cmap Cloud and export and import features are an In-App purchase. Synchronization requires an Internet connection.