Color and Shape for Toddlers

Color and Shape for Toddlers


Color and Shape for Toddlers

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iOS 8.0 +

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*** The endless puzzle fun for your child from 0 to 3 years! ***

Yes, you’re right! The green triangle belongs to the green shape. Well done!
If you are looking for a special puzzle your kid will have a lot of fun with and learning successes, then you have found it now!

Because of a wide choice of levels of difficulty, you can choose easily the right one for your child. During playing, the kids learn to differentiate and assign colors and shapes of simple geometric figures and shapes of animals. The puzzles rearranges itself round by round and the games stays exciting for your child.

Our Happy-Touch-Promise:
√ No Advertising!
√ Childlock for in-app purchases and external links
√ No Push-Messages
√ No hidden costs
√ No data aggregating tools

See yourself and test the FREE version.

* 2 free puzzle for kids from 0 to 2 years
* Various shapes and colors
* Funny sounds and effects
* Easy to use
*4 more levels of difficulty in the full version

Learning successes:
* Hand-eye coordination
* Concentration and patience
* Knowledge of shapes and colors

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Concappt Media creates kids games with lovely characters and educational values, adapted to the skills and needs of toddlers and preschoolers. Because all Happy Touch Apps are designed and tested together with parents and kids, their games promise endless fun with learning successes for the child.

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