Kids’ Puzzles

Develion ART, s.r.o.
iOS 8.0 +

Descrição do produto

This brand new kids puzzle game consists of classic jigsaw puzzles with original cartoon pictures.

It is intended mainly for kids from 3 to 9, but is suitable for anyone from 0 to 100+ years. Everyone knows the goal of this game, you have to put together puzzle pieces to reveal the picture. You can choose from multiple sets of pictures. Each set contains ten or more pictures with several difficulty levels.

Your children will love it and love you even more!

– contains one full set with 30 free pictures (Animals)

– other sets containing 820+ amazing pictures are available for purchase: Underwater, Fairy Tales, Dragons, Pirates, Holiday, Farm, Winter, Christmas, Safari, Easter, Family, Dinosaurs, Summer, Dogs, Ghosts, Sport, Fall, Ancient tales, Cute baby animals, Superheroes, Beetles and bugs, Fairies and princesses, Adventures, Cowboys, Space, Jobs.

– each set contains up to 60 pictures in 360 puzzles

– works on iPads, iPads Pro, iPads mini, iPhone 4S and up, iPod touch 4 and up)

– full support for iPhone 4S display, iPhone 5/5S display, iPhone 6/6+ display, iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPad and iPad Pro retina displays


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